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Volume 08


200 pages

USD 100


The brain of one man, research shows, is markedly different from other people. He went through a remarkable change when, suddenly one day, the incessant noise in his mind stopped and became completely quiet. With his “monkey mind” still, he processes life differently. Researchers have discovered that the brains of Buddhist monks and others who have gone through many hours of meditation training show similar changes. Their examples present interesting case studies of the effect of training our minds to be at rest, freed from negative thoughts and emotions. The notion that such changes are possible raises optimism about man’s pursuit of happiness as well as for the future of mankind. How different life would be if we could live in this state of mind. 



  • Prologue

  • What is Rest?

  • The Rest Test

  • Work and Rest as Partners

  • In Praise of Idleness

  • Thriving in Uncertainty

  • Nature Resting


  • The Quest for Quies Mentis

  • Meditation: "What Am I?" 

  • Self-Realization in Neo-Confucianism

  • In Poetry


  • Happiness Beyond Thought 

  • The Resting State of the Brain

  • Wanderlust

  • The Calming Power of Music 

  • Spring Again after a Long Winter

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