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ARS VITAE is the Latin expression for the Art of Life.


ARS VITAE is a publication series that deals with the question of what it means to live a meaningful life.


ARS VITAE is a bilingual publication written

in Korean and English. 


Our Philosophy




ARS VITAE explores the beauty of a thoughtful lifestyle - one that thinks about the intrinsic values that inspire us to live with a sense of connection, meaning and joy. 


ARS VITAE is about wisdom, not information,

and the importance of the intangibles

that enrich our lives.


ARS VITAE aspires to bring together traditional wisdom of the East and West and what the latest discoveries in science and technology help us understand about human nature and

how the universe works.


ARS VITAE devotes each issue to a theme that makes us reflect on our perspectives on life

to create a more humane and

sustainable future. 

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