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Volume 06

200 pages

USD 100


ARS VITAE is dedicated to examining a “thoughtful lifestyle” – “thoughtful” because our aim is to explore what it means to live well, and we focus on “lifestyle” because we believe it is important to put what we learn into practice in everyday life. It’s not enough to just think about change, we aspire to live the change. Being true to this spirit, this past spring, my editors and I embarked on an experiment. We each came up with life-changing habits that we wanted to adopt and vowed to dedicate time to incorporating them into our daily lives. These goals included meditating, walking and reading every day, including spiritual texts and Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time . The experiment lasted 15 weeks, and we noted our daily progress.

  • The Purpose of Dreams

  • Inspired by Dreams

  • Dreams and Surrealism 

  • Lucid Dreams

  • Beyond Awakening: Sleep in Human History 

  • 19th Century Bed Design 

  • Sleep and Dreams in Korean Literature 

  • Sleep Habits of Famous People  

  • Winter Scenes  



  • Sleep Debt

  • Sleep Deprivation in Korean Society 

  • What is Sleep?

  • Biological Clock & Circadian Rhythms

  • How to Optimize Your Brain's Waste Disposal System

  • How to Minimize Jet Lag 

  • Falling for Sleep

  • Sleep Meditation in Taoism

  • Insomnia and Traditional Asian Medicine

  • Common Sleep Disorders 

  • Moonlit Night

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