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Volume 05

200 pages

USD 100


From the time we planned our first issue of ARS VITAE  last year, we have wanted to publish a volume on the theme of wisdom. ARS VITAE is a publication about the art of life, and wisdom is a necessary key to living well. But what is wisdom? And how do we acquire it? There seem to be two main ways to gain wisdom: experience and time. Both of which we realised we needed more of before we delved into such a far-ranging topic. So a year and half later, here we are with our first, of the probably many, studies on wisdom. Wisdom is far more than the basic knowledge that we can acquire from book-learning. One dictionary defines wisdom as: “knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life”. By experiencing many different situations, we gain a broad perspective.

  • Reaching Out Towards the Light

  • How To Plant and Care For Trees 

  • Athena and the Olive Tree

  • Meditating on Trees 

  • The King Who Planted Trees 

  • The Symbolism of Trees in Korean Literature

  • The Trees in Hayao Miyazaki's World 

  • Historic Trees in Seoul  

  • The Benefits of Trees 

  • Vat Vriksha - Peepal Tree

  • Summer Trees 





  • Trees

  • Accepting and Adjusting

  • An Invisible Battle in the Forest

  • Perseverance

  • Solitude

  • The History of Ginkgo 

  • Yggdrasil - Ash Tree

  • In Life and Death 

  • Conversations in the Forest

  • Magical Forests

  • Meeting the Guardians

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