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Volume 03

200 pages

USD 100


A life of books and reading is a subject that my editors and I have always wanted to explore in ARS VITAE . Our work involves writing, and we all love immersing ourselves in a good story. But when we started 
conceptualizing how to approach this subject, we found that it wasn’t just reading that we wanted to talk about, but reading slowly and deeply. So this is the theme of Volume 3. Unlike in the past, books are no longer the sole source of knowledgeand information. The Internet, often accessed from our smartphones, has become our go-to source of simple facts and information for sometime. Conversely, reading slowly and savoring the meaning of the textis becoming defined as belonging to the domain of books. 

  • The Tripitaka Koreana

  • A Room of One’s Own 

  • Zhu Xi’s Words on Reading 

  • What He Read and How He Led 

  • Eight-page Textimage Book    

  • Reading, Writing and Searching 

  • Immortal Words

  • Bookaholic 

  • The Last Foliage






  • Reading Slowly

  • Values Shaped by Books

  • Beyond Good and Evil in Literature

  • Kafka’s Metamorphosis , My Metamorphosis

  • Temple of Books

  • The Book in Contemporary Art

  • An Antidote to a Culture of Distraction

  • The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently

  • Slow Reading About The World in One Book

  • The Importance of Deep Reading

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