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Volume 02


Central to the search for ars vitae, or the art of life, is the question “who am I and how should I live?” This has been a perennial conundrum of mankind ever since we developed self-consciousness, and is one of the central subjects of religion, philosophy and literature. In ARS VITAE Volume 2, we posed the question to writers and artists from various walks of life: What is a true self and how do you attain it? The answers we received are truly wide-ranging. An artist describes it as a process of letting go of worldly concerns and emptying himself. His art is about erasing all the words on the newspaper with a pen and a pencil. A corporate CEO talks about the experience of facing himself for the first time in his life when he was abruptly let go by his company. 


  • Connecting With Oneness

  • Ariadne's Thread And The Labyrinth

  • Emptying The Mind

  • Achieving Harmony Through Tea

  • Hermann Hesse, A Lifelong Search

  • All The Different MEs Inside Of Me

  • Transformation

  • Confessions Of Unparalleled Musicians

  • Summer Sky






  • Self

  • The Ars Vitae Of Confucianism

  • In Search Of Our Self

  • What We Hear In Silence

  • What Men Live By

  • Are You Saying I Can Fly?

  • Transcending The Self  With A Brush

  • A Creation Of The Brain

  • Sprituality And Science

  • Meditative Spaces

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